Tiruppugazh - beckons


In her mid 50s, she got exposed to Tiruppugazh - songs in praise of Lord Muruga written by Saint Arunagirinathar. What started as yet another learning experience of a form of music went on to become her only focus and goal. 

What actually attracted her to Tiruppugazh?

Sri A.S. Raghavan, popularly known as Guruji, who lived in Delhi in those days, selected songs from Tiruppugazh and  set them to music in different Raagas. He set each song to a set Thala in accordance with the Chandam formula. The Bhakti bhava along with his immense knowledge of music brought a unique personal experience to everyone who heard him perform during his bhajans. Mangalam Mani was no different. The spritual and philosophical content as well as the enchanting tunes and the complex thalas excited her. She took the plunge into this ocean of knowledge and music. 


 be continued