On 23rd July 1924 Sri Ramasubbaiar and Smt Seethalakshmi became the proud parents of a beautiful girl child. Being the youngest of their 3 children, they named her Mangalam. Her parents and siblings treated her like a princess and showered a lot of love and affection on her. Most of her childhood was spent in Sivaganga where her father was posted as the Diwan to the Raja of Sivaganga.

Music was in her genes - her father was known to have a very resonant voice. She took to music as a fish would take to water. Film Music that had a classical base  in those days was a major influencing factor for her. She used to narrate instances where she would just memorise the film songs and sing them during functions like navaratri and weddings.

Class Photo taken in her school in Sivaganga when she was 15 years old

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